★ Jennifer Lappe Photography ★

It's about creating moments in time...
It's about creating moments in time, conversation pieces, meaningful stories told in one image.

Renowned Fine Art Photographer in Tampa Bay , specializes in Family and Child Portraits

First of all, thank you for stopping by the site! As a Tampa Photographer, it is my goal to show off just how gorgeous our area is! We have so many locations to choose from and because of this it is an endless playground for creative photography! When you have a session with me, you will be part of a unique experience. From start to finish you will be a part of the process and my work reflects my passion for delivering incredible images to you.  

I believe photographs should not only be what is shown, but what is felt, and the response to it. Art to me is not only beautiful, but it is also meaningful. Art should evoke emotion in the people who view it. That is my goal for every client, and in every photograph I take- to create art in a photograph.

Bringing the magic of childhood to life through portraits

Creative Child Photography is so special to me as a photographer because I get to bring magic to life! Creating concepts and turning those ideas into photos and pieces of art for people above all is why I started my photography business. Fine art sessions can be studio or outdoor based depending on the concept- contact me for details!

Captivating Portraits Moments Captured Beautifully

Connections. Relationships, moments in time. That is what Photography is all about. I love capturing families together, and this can be done in so many ways. Connections are captured and memories are made, and I am so grateful to be a part of all of my families memories!

Create a Conversation Piece for Your Home

Imagine an art piece in your home that not only catches peoples’ eyes, but also has you in it! That is what I will create for you. Something beautiful and meaningful to treasure therefore every session is hand edited and created just for you. Most importantly, what I want is for you to have a very fun and enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Customer service and providing my clients with something unique and magical is what I am known for!